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The Town Hall Brasov

Brasov, Romania

The town hall of Brasov is located in the center of the eponymous square. This is a historic building, which the residents wish to preserve.
The first documents mentioning the building are dated from the early 13th century when the rulers of Barsha (Brasov County) and leatherworkers’ guild agreed to construct the tower in the year 1420. Only just completed, the structure was destroyed in 1421 by the Ottoman Empire. This hit Brasov hard, but a century later, the town hall finally became part of the urban landscape. It served as an administrative building for several centuries before the town hall was eventually moved to a more spacious location. Several fires and earthquakes have also hit the building throughout its history. Its architecture may have changed, but the town hall still remains a symbol and monument of Brasov. Since 1950, it houses the History Museum of Brasov. There you can find artifacts discovered in the region, as well as antique firearms and traditional costumes.

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