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The Statue Of Ovidiu

ConstanĊ£a, Romania

It was designed in 1887 by the Italian sculptor Ettore Ferrari. An identical replica exists since 1925 in Sulmona (Italy).

It is located in the old part of the city, in Ovidiu Square, in front of the first building of Constanţa City Hall, today the National Museum of History and Archaeology, near Tomis port.

The first amongst the statuary monuments erected in Constanţa after reentering under Romanian administration is the one that depicts the great Latin poet Publius Ovidius Naso (43 BCE – 17 C.E.). The bronze statue depicts Ovidiu into a deep meditative attitude. The statue unveiling from August 1887 occasioned a real celebration attended by all people from Constanţa, headed by the prefect Remus Opreanu, the initiator of the “Committee for the statue of Ovidiu.”

The statue stands on a pedestal of white marble, on which is encrusted a plate with a text of “Tristia”.

“Under this stone lies Ovidiu, the singer of gentle loving

succumbed by his talent.

O, you who pass on and if you ever loved

Pray for him to sleep smoothly.”

Originally, the statue was placed facing north, the construction of the City Hall Palace imposing in 1921, moving it on the actual place. During the German-Bulgarian occupation during the years 1916-1918, the statue was taken down from the pedestal by the Bulgarian army, to be taken as plunder of war, but the intervention of certain German officers have stopped the original “cultural initiative”; until the return of the Romanian authorities, during November 1918, the statue was housed in the basement of the City Hall. During 1925, a faithful replica of this work was unveiled in the hometown of the poet – Sulmona.

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