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The Small Square

Sibiu, Romania

The Square is divided into two parts separated by Ocnei Street, which slopes under the Bridge of Lies towards the Lower Town.

The northern and eastern sides of the square follow the contour of the second fortification belt, forming a circular shape. The buildings situated left of Ocnei Street have a concave shape and follow the contour of the first fortification belt, these buildings separating the Small Square from the Huet Square.

The buildings existing in the Small Square date from the 14th to the 16th

centuries with one exception: they do not include the massive arched portal, characteristic for the Large Square and for Bălcescu Street. The loggia at the ground floor, arched and semi-opened towards the square, with semi-circular arcades sustained by supporting elements, is characteristic for the houses situated in the Small Square. The buildings in the Small Square hosted craftsmen workshops and the merchandise was displayed within these spaces.

The buildings are tall and include those lens-shaped skylights known as the "the eyes of Sibiu". The buildings in the Small Square date from the 14th to the 16th centuries, with subsequent modifications.

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