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The Museum Of Icons On Glass

Sibiel, Romania

While you are in Romania, make a stop in Sibiel, a traditional shepards village. The name of this place is related also to the largest existing exposition of icons on glass in Transylvania, a miracle of artistic creativity and religious inspiration born of the riches of the Orthodox Christian tradition and the imagination of Romanian peasant painters. Being an interest for tourists and artists from all over the world, the museum was awarded with the "Golden Apple".

Presenting a unique fusion of Eastern tradition and Western technique,the  icons on glass emerged and spread throughout this extensive region of Romania in the first decades of the eighteenth century, reaching their apogee between 1750 and the end of the nineteenth century and almost vanishing in the period between the two world wars. You will have the chance to get to know better this technique of naive painting.

With the help and the support of Fr Zosim Oancea, the people of Sibiel and with the help of institutions and private donors, the collection in this museum with its almost 600 masterpieces, represents all the main types of icons on glass along with works by some of the most famous icon-painters – when their names are known. 


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