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The Kretzulescu Church

Bucharest, Romania

T he Kretzulescu Church (also spelled Crețulescu) was built between 1720 and 1722, and it is one of the best-preserved and most representative orthodox places of worship in Bucharest, as far as the Brâncoveanu age patrimony is concerned. The church was built by order of Iordache Kretzulescu and of his wife, Safta, daughter of Constantin Brâncoveanu himself, Iordache Kretzulescu filling the position of chancellor at the time. During the communist regime, the edifice was endangered by the authorities’ intention of pulling it down, but given its historical value and by the grace of a team of architects, it was saved from these unfortunate circumstances, such that at present it enriches and brightens the architectural landscape on Calea Victoriei.

The church stands out by the slenderness of its bell tower decorated with narrow tall windows and by the loggia which borders the main body of the edifice. Another particular feature refers to the somewhat reddish color of the church owed to the bricks which have remained exposed subsequently to the restoration works carried out between 1935 and 1936, which have left the edifice without the original plaster layer. Most of the outside paintings are original works, which enhances the historical value of the edifice. On top of that, taking into account Gheorghe Tattarescu was the one who realized the inner pictorial works, one can easily understand the artistic charge of the place adds to its overall tourist worth.

The restorations works carried out in time (1935-1936, 1942-1943, 1977, 1996-2003) did not alter much of the original edifice, keeping true to the structural and decorative identity of this historic church.

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