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The Fortified Church Of Cristian

Sibiu, Romania

Welcome to the Landlers! We invite you to learn the story of one of the most beautiful villages in Transylvania: Cristian! Known also as "The capital of storks", this village hosts a medieval pearl: its the fortified church

In the mid-15th century, the former Romanesque basilica from Cristian, Sibiu County, was almost entirely redecorated and turned into a gothic hall church with three naves and a belfry.

The authorities wanted to build a very solid church to resist the passing of time and to the merciless attacks and also to respond to the modern architecture of those times. Thus, the very famous stone-mason Andreas Lapicida, known in that region of Transylvania for his craftsmanship was commissioned to perform the works.

Because the settlement was in an open field and it had difficulties in defending itself from the invaders, the church was surrounded by two defense curtain walls and the exterior wall was equipped with five towers. During the attacks the families would withdraw inside the church and defend it, taking their animals and food with them. The lard and bacon were well kept in a specially designed tower, the so-called Lard Tower or Pantry Tower which can still be seen today.

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