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The Fortified Church In Malancrav

Malancrav Village, Romania

The fortified church of Malancrav is closely connected to the Hungarian family Apafi, as this family was given the whole village by the king of Hungary.

According to certain hypotheses, the originally large church with three parts within was built by Gregor, in the early 14th century, the son of Nicolaus. From the middle or main part, there are four arcades that connect it to the side parts. On a stone, it is still visible the emblem of the Apafi family and the following lines: Gentile scuttum appae appae (the shield of the Apafi family). In the 17th century below the sacristy was made a place for the sarcophagi of Apafi Mihaly II, and this is the hand-work of Illes Nicolai, being taken to Budapest in 1900, to the National Gallery.

In the church, it can still be visible the most well-structured and visible gothic painting from the 14th century and on all of these pictures, all the 53 the New and Old Testament is being painted. The picture of the main altar which includes Saint Mihai angel along with Saint Clara looking upwards on the Virgin and her son, was given as a gift to the church by Clara, the wife of Mihai Apafi. The church was fortified in the 16th century.

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