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The Bridge Of Lies

Sibiu, Romania

The most important tourist attraction of Sibiu is the Bridge of Lies. Tourists are advised not to tell any lie on the pedestrian area of the historic city center.

Originally, the bridge was made of wood. About 200 years later, in 1859, the Bridge of Lies was rebuilt, being the first cast-iron bridge in Romania. The pedestrian bridge built over the street Ocnei connects the Lower Town to the Upper Town. Eleven years ago, the Bridge of Lies has been included in the historical monuments in the county of Sibiu and is a true symbol of the former European Capital of Culture.

Currently, the Bridge of Lies is considered a romantic place where lovers meet to swear eternal love and to attack the locks of love.

In addition, the name of the bridge binds many fascinating legends. The most famous legend says that the bridge would have ears and unexplained power, so that, at every lie it begins to creak, while at the lies big it collapses. For this reason, most locals avoid saying untrue things on this bridge.

Also, another legend says that from this bridge were thrown the liar merchants by the cheated buyers, but also the witches whose predictions not came true.

Moreover, on the Bridge of Lies lovers used to walk on it to swear eternal love and the girls used to say they were virgins. But if, after the wedding night, it was discovered that the girl lied, then she was dragged on deck and she was thrown from the bridge.

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