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Sighisoara Saxon Cemetery

Sighisoara, Romania

This German cemetery looks like a fairytale graveyard. It’s old, but not crumbling, and orderly, with beautiful sculptures and winding paths.

The cemetery tells impressive stories of the strong belief, work ethic, and family values of the Protestants.

Some of the oldest surviving Protestant tombstones are from the early 1700s and bear not only the names but also the occupations of those buried there. You’ll spot the final resting places of stonemasons, builders, weavers, tailors, blacksmiths, and more. The Saxons took great pride in their achievements and it is not uncommon to find titles “Chief of the Guild” or “Master Carpenter” added next to their occupations. Other gravestones were used to stabilize the slopes and are now unreadable, worn by rain and wind and covered in ivy and moss.

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