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Saint Michael Church

Cluj Napoca, Romania

Wellcome to the the second largest church (after the Black Church of BraÈ™ov) in Transylvania! Dioscover the Catholic Dome « St. Michael » - the only Catholic church in Europe where the altar isn’t situated directly in the east (where the sun rises in the autumn equinox), but where sun rises on  November 8, St. Michael’s day (the feast of Holy Archangels Michael and Gabriel )

The new-gothic style tower (1837-1859) is the last built. The latter measures 80 m, together with the 4-meter high cross.  The inside painting of the church is lost, however the restorations of the church revealed some very old and artful frescoes, dating from the XIV-XVth century. They seem to have been destroyed in the period when it belonged to the Protestants, as they are known for their preference for bare walls. Yet the Sleunig chapel under the tower hosts a XVth century beautiful fresco, “Golgotha”. Priest Biro Janos redecorated the church. The pulpit became baroque, with golden adornments, sculptures and bas-reliefs and the statue of archangel Michael on the top of the pulpit crown.

So, take your time to discover one of the city`s treasures, located right in the heart of the city!

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