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Rope Street

Brasov, Romania

Strada Sforii—which translates roughly as “Rope Street”—was built in the 15th century to afford fire fighting brigades passage between the major thoroughfares at either end. Given its close proximity to Brașov’s main square, Piața Sfatului, and the historically significant Gothic Lutheran church Biserica Neagră (“Black Church”) found therein, Strada Sforii has gone from an urban planning hack to a popular tourist attraction.

Measuring 80 meters (260 feet) long and varying in width from 111-135 centimeters (44-53 inches), Strada Sforii is the third-narrowest street in Europe, after Spreuerhofstraße in Reutlingen, Germany (recognized by Guinness as the narrowest street in the world) and Parliament Street in Exeter, England. At its narrowest point, visitors can touch both walls on either side of the street.

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