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Revolution Square

Bucharest, Romania

It was here, at around 10:30 on December 21, 1989, that the Nicolae Ceausescu regime began to crumble. A large crowd of well over 100,000 people who had been brought in to dutifully cheer Ceausescu in a time-honored way, in fact, jeered him – on live television. The dictator’s astonished face when he realizes he is being booed is captured on video seconds before transmission is cut and the Romanian revolution begins.

A white marble triangle, with the inscription Glorie martirilor nostri (Glory to our martyrs) points (slightly inaccurately) to the low balcony above the entrance of the former Central Committee building (today the Ministry of Internal Affairs) from where Ceausescu held his last public speech. He fled – by helicopter – from the roof of the building late the next morning.

In the surroundings of Revolution Square, you can admire the building of Carol I Library with the equestrian statue of King Carol I and one of the oldest monasteries in the city - Creculescu Monastery.

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