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Poiana Brasov

Poiana Brasov, Romania

Poiana Brasov is the most famous winter sports resort in Romania and also an important international tourist center. It has nine ski runs, with varying degrees of difficulty, sports fields, a lake, discos, bars, and restaurants. Accommodation is provided in good part to luxury hotels, guesthouses, villa or cottage.

The clean air here, fresh and clean, free of dust and allergens, relatively low atmospheric pressure and ionization are natural factors that make the resort for the treatment of asthenic neurosis, weakly and physical and intellectual overexertion, secondary anemia endocrine diseases, respiratory diseases.

Brief History: founded in 1895, Poiana Brasov served as a place for tourism. The first cabin was built in 1904. Poiana Brasov in 1906 was recognized as a winter resort and three years later staged the first winter competitions. In 1951, international games held during winter instead of students. Poiana Brasov today looks more like a small town having luxurious hotels and restaurants.

Postavarului foot resort is situated at an altitude of 1,030 m and the highest mountain peak at an altitude of 1799 m (Vf Cristianul Great), which is an altitude difference of about 800 m.

The average summer temperature is 20 degrees C and -3 degrees C. Winter snow therefrom mid-December until late March, snow depth is 50-60 cm on average. The first flakes of snow fall around late September and the last bit towards the end of April. The blanket of snow can be guaranteed since mid-December and the end of March. Snow has a thickness of about ~ 50 inches and about Clearing. ~ 100 cm on the mountain.

Poiana Brasov has the densest and most modern mountain tourist facilities in the country. Here we meet two hotels, three and four stars, equipped with a swimming pool, conference halls, and a riding school, sports or tourist sheepfold. It features nine ski runs and is equipped with two lines and a gondola lift that provides access for tourists to Postavarului peaks, in addition, seasonal, more lift lines.

Poiana Brasov is the ideal place for spending but summer. Mountain climate (air rich in ozone) artificial lake (which offers many recreational opportunities) marked trails (hiking enthusiasts driving the various huts, offering stunning views), comfortable accommodation units, etc. fully justify the international reputation this status.

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