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Iuliu Maniu Statue

Bucharest, Romania

A statue of Iuliu Maniu by artist Mircea Spătaru sits in Revolution Square across the street from the old Communist Party headquarters now the Romanian Interior Ministry.

The statue was placed here on 01 December 1998.

Iuliu Maniu was born on January 8, 1873, and died on February 5, 1953. He was a Romanian politician. A leader of the National Party of Transylvania and Banat.

Before and after World War I, he served as Prime Minister of Romania for three terms during 1928–1933 and with Ion Mihalache, co-founded the National Peasants' Party.

Maniu was involved with anti-Nazi work and anti-Russian involvement in Romanian affairs after WWII.

Maniu was a prominent supporter of the Western Allies and one of the main adversaries of growing Soviet influence in Romania.

His party became the predilect target of PCR hostility. As a result, Maniu faced a kangaroo court that sentenced him to life imprisonment in a hard labor prison; given his advanced age, this amounted to a death sentence.

The show trial, signaling the suppression of opposition groups, was a significant step towards the establishment of an undisguised Communist regime in Romania.

Iuliu Maniu died in 1953 in Sighet prison, and his body was thrown into the common grave in the courtyard.

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