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Caru' Cu Bere

Bucharest, Romania

Caru' cu Bere - The Beer Wagon

Even though Caru’ cu bere is widely known as a symbol of Bucharest, its original founders came from beyond the mountains, in Transylvania. In 1879, on the Calea Victoriei boulevard, there was a beerhouse under the name of La Carul cu Bere (at the beer wagon), ran by transylvanian native Ion Cabasanu. The origin of the name is not a hard guess, as the beer was brought to the beerhouse by horse-driven wagons.

In this place, Ion and Gheorghe Mircea, the nephews of Ion Cabasanu, who also came from Transylvania, were practicing the beer brewing craftmanship, later being joined by their younger sibling, Nicolae Mircea. For some years, all the three brothers worked hard and managed to get a hold on several places in the area of the Villacros Passage, also in the field of beer brewing. With a bolder attitude towards his work, Nicolae Mircea manages to see his dream come true in the year of 1899 when he starts the construction of the Caru’ cu bere building, the famous restaurant in the heart of Bucharest.

The project of Zigfried Kofsinsky, the architect of the building, was so well put together that the owner of the building and the founder of the beerhouse, Nicoale Mircea, was honored by King Carol I of Romania himself with two of the highest honors given at the time by the State of Romania. Today, the building is recognized as an architectural and historical monument.

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