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Bucegi Natural Park

Brasov, Romania

Situated in the Meridional Carpathians, the Bucegi Natural Park is one of the most impressive natural resorts in Romania. With more than 15 peaks over 2000 meters altitude - with Omu Peak (2505m) above all - Bucegi Natural Park is considered Romania's touristic cradle. Rising high, massive and bold above the horizon, with fierce peaks and steep valleys, alpine limestone grasslands, caves, springs and waterfalls, the Bucegi Mountains offer a breathtaking view, especially seen from the Prahova Valley.

Due to the versatile local geology, the fauna and vegetation are also very diverse. A number of endangered plants and flowers are to be found in the rocky valleys, such as the edelweiss flower and the white ivy. The Bucegi Natural Park is home to more than 3500 animal species, such as the wood grouse, the rare and beautiful black chamois, bears, wolves, deer, and the endangered lynx.

The Bucegi Natural Park hosts around 46 natural monuments, such as waterfalls, caves, chutes, glaciers, and unusual rock formations: towers, arcades and most interestingly organic shapes resembling old ladies, mushrooms, and sphinxes. The most well-known are the peculiar rock formations named Babele (the Old Ladies) and the Sphinx, the Omu peak the waterfall Cascada Ialomitei, Abruptul Prahovean, Zanoagei chutes – only some of the many sights worth seeing. There are 39 marked trekking routes comprising the entire mountain. Climbers and cavers can also find challenging adventures in the Bucegi Mountains. There are many routes, chutes, valleys, and headwalls which require technical knowledge for climbing, such as the Adanca Valley, Valea Poienii, Rapa Zapezii.

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