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Brukenthal National Museum

Sibiu, Romania

Welcome to Baroc! We invite you to visit the first museum opened to the public in Romania!

Appointed Governor of the Principality of Transylvania, a position that he occupied between 1777 and 1787, Samuel von Brukenthal built a Late Baroque palace in Sibiu, modelled on the palaces in the imperial capital.
The Brukenthal Palace is one of the most significant Baroque buildings in Romania, its construction taking place between the years 1778 and 1788. The building was raised to serve as the Baron’s official residence and a worthy display case for his collections.
The main façade of the building, juts out from the front line of other buildings in the square, and was built later, in a more restrained Baroque style. The central element of the façade is the stone framing of the gate, supported by columns and a projecting entablature. It is decorated with carved elements, such as the gilded coat of arms of Samuel von Brukenthal, as well as other Baroque features: urns, rosettes, festoons. 

Starting in the year 2006, Brukenthal Palace has been undergoing an ample process of modernisation that was projected to go on for years to come. 
The main thrust was our desire – in a world dominated by large museums with huge collections – to draw the public’s attention to a particular experience that is offered and will continue to be offered by this segment of the Brukenthal Museum, involving its evolution within a process of adaptation of an 18th century Baroque palace to the demands of modern museography, in terms of exhibition, conservation and general ambience. 


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