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Romania Popular Places to Visit

The Big Square In Sibiu

This is the historic center of Sibiu, first mentioned in documents in 1411 as a cereal market, the square existing since 1366 when the third fortification belt of the city was finalized. Staring with the 16th century, the large square became the center of the old city. For hundreds of years the square was named Der Grosse Ring or Grosser

Viscri Fortified Church

Viscri Fortified Church is one of the 25 UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Romania One of the most interesting Saxon fortified churches is located in the village of Viscri (Weisskirch in German). The name comes from the German Weisse Khirche, meaning white church. Unlike other Transylvanian fortified churches, Viscri was built around 1100 by the Szekler population and taken over by Saxon colonists in 1185. This explains why this

Râmeţ Monastery

Râmeț Monastery is one of the oldest and most renowned worship places in Romania. It is located in Alba County, Transylvania, in Trascău Mountains (Western Carpathians). It seems that the monastery was founded by two monks, father Ghenadie and father Romulus, in 1214. The great scholar Nicolae Iorga showed that the name "Râmeț" is derived from "eremite" (lonely monk). The painting of

Carol I Mosque

Carol I Mosque, located in the Ovid Square area, is the main religious Muslim edifice and one of the most beautiful architectural monuments of our land. The building started in 1910 at the initiative of King Carol I (which is why the building is named so) and was completed in 1913. The inauguration took place on the 31st of May

Saints Peter And Paul Orthodox Cathedral

The cathedral is dedicated to Saints Peter and Paul and it is the largest and most important Orthodox church in Dobrogea, being known as the Cathedral of the Archbishop of Tomis. The church is situated in the historical area of the city, close to the seafront boulevard Elizabeth and the Casino. Built between 1883 and 1885 was the first Orthodox settlement

Genoese Lighthouse

The Genoese Lighthouse (Romanian: Farul Genovez) is a lighthouse and historic monument situated on the waterfront of the city of Constanța, Romania behind a group of statues which has in its center the bust of Mihai Eminescu, sculpted by Oscar Han. It is located near Constanța Casino. The lighthouse stands approximately eight meters high and is rectangular at its base to a height of about three and a half meters, and is octagonal

The Statue Of Ovidiu

It was designed in 1887 by the Italian sculptor Ettore Ferrari. An identical replica exists since 1925 in Sulmona (Italy). It is located in the old part of the city, in Ovidiu Square, in front of the first building of Constanţa City Hall, today the National Museum of History and Archaeology, near Tomis port. The first amongst the statuary monuments erected in

The National Museum Of History And Archaeology

The National History and Archaeology Museum of Constanta is one of the richest museums in Romania and the second-largest institution in the country, after the National History Museum of Romania from Bucharest. The cornerstone of the museum was laid in 1879 by Remus Opreanu the first prefect of the Romanian administration of Dobrogea, in an attempt to counter the smuggling of

Old Casino In Constanta

Once an opulent Art Nouveau hotspot, the Constanța Casino is one of Romania's most beautiful abandoned buildings.  Originally commissioned by King Carol I around 1900, the Casino first opened to the public in 1910. Commanding a dramatic location right on the waterfront of the Black Sea overlooking the ancient port at Constanța, the Casino was a triumph of the Art Nouveau movement,

Densus Church

The church of Densus, a village in Tara Hategului (Hateg County), located few kilometers far from Ulpia Traiana Sarmisegetusa is still keeping its secrets so that no one can certainly say when it was built. Historians have different opinions. Some of them say that it was built on the ruins of a pre – Christian edifice in Dacia, others believe that it